Nano Payesh Giti Company

Nano Payesh Giti is a privately held company with its scientific and industrial specialists that is active in different fields, including production of nano-materials, agricultural nano fertilizers, active pharmaceutical ingredients, carbon coke and industrial wastewater treatment and recycling. Specialists in this company with their knowledge-based and up-to-date research have invented, for the first time in Iran, production of nano chelate micronutrients for growth and effective productivity of plants and enrichment of their products. Also, this company with the benefit of its elite specialists has mass-produced various types of nano materials and invented novel treatments of industrial wastewater for different industries. The basis of this company’s activity is to establish a stable and constructive relationship between prestigious domestic and international scientific and industrial centers and to provide the best products and services to the customers to prepare the required raw materials for solving their problems.


Address of agent: Iran, Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology Blvd., Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Sheikh-Bahai Building, No. 251.

Mobile: (+98913)8641797

Fields of activity and services of the company

Nano Payesh Giti Company with the benefit of its valuable experience and scientific and industrial specialists has been able to take steps toward its long-time goals, including the following:

  • Production of nano micronutrient fertilizers
  • Synthetizing different types of nano material
  • Production of active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Processing of coke and carbon with high purity
  • Natural essential oils
  • Industrial waste treatment and recycling
  • Consulting in the field of industrial design and reverse engineering of various minerals and polymers

Common question

شما می توانید سوال های متداول کاربران را در این بخش مشاهده بفرمایید و همچنین سوالات خود را برای ما ارسال کنید.

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